What is that noise ?Finally the answers you have been looking for !

Something that feels so good cant be good for you right ? or can it ?

When you crack your back, it often feels good afterwards, especially if there was pressure or pain prior. The reason it feels so good to Pop Your Back is because pressure is being relieved. The gases, that are found naturally in the fluid surronding your joints, When any of your joints pop, gases are being released from within the synovial fluid. This release can cause a temporary relief of pressure and pain. In most cases though, the pressure or pain will return.

Does popping a joint cause any damage ?

Acording to WikiAnswers -

All depends on how you crack them. Cracking your back by stretching it or your neck by rolling it around shouldn’t cause any damage. But, if you use your hands to twist your neck around to get it to pop, you risk possibly damaging the vertebrae in your neck (either slipping,cracking, or even possibly rupturing a disk in extreme cases).


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