lower back pain, It even hurts to sitWell after surviving that painful weekend in Niagara Falls, I never felt 100% again.

Normal everyday tasks like driving and taking out the trash became increasing painful. After several gallons of ointments and rubs, hours and hours of heating pads and soaks in the tub I finally went to see my doctor.

I remember the first visit, it was a very uncomfortable feeling. The nurse asked me several questions that after awhile started to make me feel like I was being interrogated. The doctor had me take off my clothes and do some bends and stretches then simply said, I’m going to recommend you to a Chiropractor.

The first couple of visits to the chiropractor did’nt go well, He took a few minutes to look at my back then had my lie down on my side and he quite violently rolled my back and hips to pop my lower back. I would feel amazing !

I could walk around normally without any pain, I could sit in my truck without shooting pains in my lower back. But there was a catch, I would be sore and sometimes even bruised by the chiropractor’s violent treatment.

It would last a few days and just as the bruising was gone, the lower back pain would slowly return. This went on for a few months, the chiropractor now wanted to see me twice a week. This was getting very expensive, and it was just the beginning.

The last straw !

I went to yet another Chiropractor visit one day and he said, “Well Ron this is not working, I want to try something a bit different  it should help.” I want you to lie down on this table face first he says and I’m going to put these pads on your lower back. While the table moves just the lower half of your body up and down, these pads will send a shock into the muscles around the lower spine. Just lie there and relax, lol ya right.

Wow, I was thinking finally something that might work.

I laid on the table face first while this machine did its thing for 10 to 15 minutes max. The doctor came in unhooked everything had me do a few stretches in front of him and said, OK your all set. I did feel good, for a few minutes at least. When I went to check out I expected the usual co-pay of $30.00.

That will be $325.00 for today Ron. I took a step back and said there must be a mistake.

No she says your insurance wont cover this procedure. Are you serious I said to her. She was very serious, I laughed and said that is not acceptable nobody said this prior to the treatment. You would think that would be something to mention, right ?

I never returned to a chiropractor again for 8 years.