Lower Back PainOK so if there is one thing I knew at this point Popping my back was the only thing that helped even if it was only temporary.

When I would leave my chiropractors office I felt like I was on top of the world. I mean the pain was instantly gone it was amazing and I felt free again, and I was happy to go back again and again.

Then like I mentioned before times got tough and business was down. I didn’t feel comfortable spending the money on the Chiropractor over and over again. Now I payed attention over the years, I know exactly how the doctor would pop my back. I thought maybe I could get my fiance to pop it for me or maybe even pop it myself.

I had been having someone walk on my back for years, I don’t recommend this but wanted to be honest with everything that I have tried. This would work great for me but only on my upper back, I could never get the lower back to pop. I should also mention that luckily my fiance is on the petite side and again I don’t recommend you do this.

Next I tried to explain to her how the chiropractor got my back to pop all the time. She understood but just could never get enough pressure to actually get it to pop.

One day I was lying on the floor stretching my back out while watching TV. I had seen someone show how to crack your lower back with a tightly rolled up towel placed under your lower spine just above the hips. I managed to get my lower back to pop a few times but it was painful. I didn’t find the pain worth the relief.

I tried everything and anything that didn’t cost two much money.

I considered the amount of money I would have been spending at the chiropractor and figured that if it was only the cost of a few visits and could possible be the answer I was looking for, it was worth the investment.

I was successful at cracking my back from time to time. Over the course of months I was slowly and slowly beginning to be able to pop my back on a regular basis. Today I could lay down and get my back to pop several times from the upper back to the hard, damn right almost impossible lower back.

I want to say that this is also no longer necessary for me, but it did offer me almost instant relief when I needed it the most. I did notice that over time I felt the need to pop my back more and more often. It was also something I needed to lie on the floor to do and was not something I felt comfortable doing around other people with the exclusion of my immediate family.

Lying on my back I would pull my knees to my chest keeping my feet and knees together at all times. I would then roll my hips to the right keeping my feet together until my knees touched the ground to my right side. I would then slowly roll my shoulders to the left until they were almost both flat on the ground. I then will take my left hand on my lower back and lightly push my hips towards my knees, while keeping my shoulders on the floor.

This will pop you back if done properly almost every time. I would then do the same exact thing to the left reversing all steps. Once I’m done I will very slowly stretch my back in a similar fashion without applying any force. Slowly getting back on your feet keeping in mind that you just loosened your back up so be careful.

If you attempt this you are doing so at your own risk, I am not a doctor and don’t claim to be. I just know that this is what worked for me for a long time until I finally found The Lose the Back Pain System. You can save yourself the risk and just

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I would have to pop my back roughly once or twice a day, and the pain would always return. The temporary relief that this brings is just that, Temporary.